Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 6: Antique Shopping

One of my favorite Craigslist ads is the type that says something like this: 

"Gently used toilet. Bought for $200 in 1992, willing to sacrifice at $190."

Wow, don't sacrifice too much people!
And yet, I cannot give up the possibility of finding a real treasure, so I still comb the CL list from time to time. This same sense of treasure hunting periodically leads me to Antique malls. So in remembrance of Jane, I went out with my trusty sidekicks, (My awesome MIL and SIL) and sallied forth, through the sea of 'antique' nursing bras, and politically incorrect baby dolls (I know that sounds weird, but just trust me- they were.) Because I knew that buried amongst the pressed wood dressers that someone 'refurbished' aka 'painted over, and are now charging four times as much' there could just be one of my treasures.

Already found a home for this one :)

And there were... Beds, and Sofas and China OH MY!

Mannequin heads freak me out. Great hat though!

Can you read that? 5 dollars!

But my budget allowed for less than my heart would have desired, so while I left the victorian baby buggy, and the antique bed that matched my daughter's room perfectly, I came away with some little pieces of someone's past. A sweet baby girls slip, small white gloves, and a birdcage. My little haul makes me almost as happy as if my husband had given in to my request for the sofa I fell in love with. Almost. :)
Can you imagine a new fabric on this! Well, my husband couldn't. You win some, you lose some...
So where do you hunt for treasure? Is it as classy as all this? ;)


  1. I love perusing Craig's List. I found a campaign dresser and nightstand for 40 dollars, but it was sold. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello there Miriam!

    Oh dearest, that sofa, IT IS FABULOUS! How about leaving it as is? What fabric did you envision? It looks like my settee that my husband bought me last Christmas! THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming by today with a sweet note. PLAY PLAY AND PLAY. That is what I did today with my best friend and her daughter. They came over, we chatted, at, drank tea and her daughter made a film in my house with her dolls. We then sat and made puppets, but we were serious about it and still played.

    Have a week full of grown up achievements through childhood play. Anita


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