Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Little House on the Prairie: Poultry Proud

"The cloud was hailing grasshoppers.  The cloud was grasshoppers. . . . All over the ground was a crawling, hopping mass of grasshoppers.  They were eating all the soft, short grass off the knoll.  The tall prairie grasses swayed and bent and fell. . . . The hens were funny.  The two hens and their gawky pullets were eating grasshoppers with all their might. . . . 'Well, we won't have to buy feed for the hens,' said Ma."

~ Laura Ingalls Wilder, On the Banks of Plum Creek

I don't know what it is about chickens and roosters this week, but I seem to be calling them to me.  Every store I go into, there they are, beckoning me with their rustic charm and their steal-of-a-deal price tags.  Pardon me for a minute as I "crow" about my thrifty finds . . .

I acquired this darling little finial-of-a-rooster at a local craft store for 5 dollars (80% off its original price).  Woot, woot!

I also snagged this 14x14 framed print for under 10 dollars on a clearance shelf!  It makes the perfect addition to my kitchen. 

Finally, I was in a furniture store when I found this lovely pair of plaques on a quiet little shelf in the corner.  And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a clearance sticker!  I took them home for only 3 dollars a piece.

I hung the plaques on the back porch.  I think they are a delightful contrast against the grey and white of the house.  Besides, they match the rocker and chair perfectly.  Kismet, I tell you.  Kismet.

The irony is, my husband has always wanted a flock of chickens to call his own.  
Well, now he has one.  :)

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  1. Love your rooster collection!

  2. What could be better than finding something you love???Well something on the clearance isle of course!!! Great finds, darling chickens.

  3. Great finds! We love chickens here too. We have had layers for over 25 years. And I pick up chicken "stuff" when I see something for a good price.

  4. Hmmmh! We haven't gotten a single egg from any of them.

    Still waiting for any of my real chickens to come home.

  5. Great stuff! I love the red. I'll have to keep my eyes open when I'm out and about at the craft stores. I was poking around Stein's this week, but only found one very small metal rooster that was overpriced. What did you use to hang the pictures on the siding? I love the look.

  6. Oh yes! These chickens will even clean up after themselves! Your porch looks perfect!

  7. I kick myself for not going with a chicken theme in my kitchen. These are so much fun, especially for such good prices.

  8. Those red and white prints are darling! I'd buy them myself!

  9. I love your plaques. The red rooster is adorable.


  10. Those chickens are too cute! And I love the red and crisp and fresh looking!

  11. This is Melissa @ Daisy Mae Belle. Love your new chickens! And, these will not be nearly as messy as the real ones. I have always wanted some chickens just so I could decorate a cute hen house!

  12. what great chickens and roosters I too have many roosters just love them
    came from French Country Cottage thanks for sharing and have a good weekend

  13. Wow, some cute roos! I especially love those matching plaques -- all vintage-looking & just adorable!

  14. Gotta love the roos! I especially am loving the plaques...this look adorable with your chair. Jane

  15. Love your roos! I am now following you :)


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