Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anne of Green Gables April: Music Nursery Pillow

Miss Lavendar tripped off to the kitchen on hospitable thoughts intent and the girls found their way up to the spare room, an apartment as white as its door, lighted by the ivy-hung dormer window and looking, as Anne said, like the place where happy dreams grew.
"This is quite an adventure, isn't it?" said Diana. "And isn't Miss Lavendar sweet, if she is a little odd? She doesn't look a bit like an old maid."
"She looks just as music sounds, I think," answered Anne.
-Anne of Avonlea, Lucy Maude Montgomery

Naptime around here equals dish cleaning, laundry folding, or passing out. When I am very lucky, those things are mostly done, and I can get a craft made. Today, Little G fell asleep, and I made a pillow for her nursery with a quote from Anne of Avonlea. 

I printed the reversed quote onto freezer paper (Make sure you are cutting the paper as close to 8 1/2 X 11 as you possibly can, and that you are printing on to the shiny side.)
*I used a bubble jet printer. I cannot tell you whether laser works out or not, since I don't own one. Sorry!*

 Then I ironed it (Glossy side down) onto muslin and rubbed the letters before peeling back the freezer paper. AND I repeated the process because it was just too light for my tastes. (Make sure to line up the second sheet exactly with the existing letters or you're going to have an off centered mess.)

I think this would be adorable on a bolster pillow, but I had a square form laying around, so that's what you get!

Then I made a little flower from muslin scraps. I can't wait to move this to the nursery, but we DO NOT disturb naptime around here unless it's totally necessary. Trust me. 


  1. I was coming to comment (and praise) the pillow but that smile threw me off to cloud nine.

    Precious, Blessful Smile and you could found out the answer to all Universe Mysteries just by staring into her eyes. She IS The Music!

    Be Blessed,


  2. I just love that pillow! The little flower is so pretty. I really need to try the freezer paper method again soon. Epic fail with my first attempt. ~ Jamie

  3. Oh I just love it!!! :) I'm quite enjoying Anne month... maybe you should extend it ;) hint hint. haha! And your little one is simply too cute for words. Great job and keep up the good work! Have a wonderful weekend ladies :)

  4. I love Anne and her wonderful way of saying things!! What a great quote to use! THis pillow is so adorable!

  5. Aw, what a cute baby! And I love the pillow. I especially love how light the printing turned out so it is very subtle, and then when you go in close you notice it. You have a beautiful blog!


  6. I absolutely must make this for my youngest! We named her "Avonlea" after the book. AND.... our last name is Music! :)

  7. I do have the same music pillows but I like your all pillows as they looks like eye catching devices and seems work to stimulate the areas of the home where we wishes to spend the time in various activities.


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