Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Anne of Green Gables April: Farmhouse Silhouette Pillows

"The cow," gasped Anne, breathless from running, crashing into Gilbert, and being hysterical, 
"the wretched, miserable cow! I came out into the yard this morning—
and Dolly was IN THE MILKING PEN."
"What?" cried Gilbert. "But Dad drove her to Charlottetown last night—"
"That's the worst part," groaned Anne tragically, wringing her hands in her apron. 
"It WASN'T Dolly—it was Mr. Harrison's cow—the one he bought from Mr. Bell last year!"

Anne Shirley and I have at least one thing in common: we're not good with animals.  I've never ridden a horse that doesn't bolt.  I've never had a cat that didn't make me sneeze.  And once, while pet-sitting a neighbor's rabbit, I found the white little ball of fluff lying lifeless in the corner of its cage.  I'm not negligent---just cursed.  I've heard people say that you should try raising an animal before you raise children.  In my case, I'm thinking that once my children have all left the house, I might try my hand at raising a goldfish.

Despite my lack of luck with animals--and in honor of dear Anne and her cow Dolly--I decided to spruce up my front and back porches a bit with some fun animal silhouette pillows.  
(Thank you, Dear Lillie, for yet another brilliant idea . . . ) 

I found some red outdoor throw pillows in a bin at Walmart, purchased some some sticky-backed felt, traced on some animal silhouettes, cut them out, and ta da!  Farmhouse pillows!
 (Jennifer has a quick and easy tutorial here on how to do this.)

My husband thinks the color has partially melted his retinas, but I love the pop of red against the white rocking chairs, and the grey and black exterior of the front porch.

Anne of Green Gables April wouldn't be the same without some farmhouse charm.  And I must admit that I am thrilled to finally have some animals in my life that won't be going "belly-up" on me anytime soon.  Happy silhouetting!


  1. How unfortunate that you have burned out your husband's retinas. Would it be too much to ask that you not kill his seeing eye dog? lol ~ Maureen

  2. ps - Great idea and I pinned it! ~ Maureen

  3. I have as well, had a horse bolt on me, but luckily never sneezed from a cat. I like cats, so sue me. I too would agree, I'm not good with animals. I had a dog for a total of five days and lost two pounds, some would say that's a blessing, but that was stress weight-loss, NOT a blessing. However having a kid, is way more gratifying! I am a sucker for red. I wish I had your crafty ability. Mostly I just show my mom cute stuff and she recreates it for me. Nice huh?

  4. I love the pillows! They turned out so cute. They are the perfect splash of color. I'm going to copy her Jane Austen pillows at some point, I have all of the stuff ready and just haven't gotten around to it. No sewing though, I can't sew at all. ~ Jamie P.S. I also like whatever that galvanized thing is in the background that says seeds and tools.

  5. Those are so fun! I would love for you to link this up to my "I Made This" party at Grits and Giggles.

  6. These are adorable!! I would love you to link it up to Fantabulous Friday going on now!

  7. so fun and pretty
    in pops of red and white
    for your porch

    thanks for sharing
    at Fridays Unfolded!


  8. I found your blog a month or so ago through Alison at Stuff and Nonsense and am in love. You had me at "Jane Austen Month."

    And now Anne of Green Gables? I never liked my name until my great-aunt gave me a copy of "Anne" for my 11th birthday and I haven't been the same since. We visited PEI when I was in high school, at the height of my "romantic" period. Your pics and the music take me back there.

    Don't mean to gush here, but I do love your blog. I even leave your blog up sometimes just to listen to the music while I do other things.

    I wondered what happened to your "Christ-Centered Literature" for the first half of April. I was eager to hear what you all have read and enjoyed.

    Even your husband's comments, like "You just stuck a weed in a vase" sound so much like my dear hubby I have to laugh!

    Thanks for a great blog.

  9. love them! adorable:) glad I stumbled upon your cute blog!!

  10. I love Anne...the red color must be in honor of her hair! These pillows are great--I've used sticky backed felt before and love it, but never thought of something like this!! Thanks for the idea!!

    I am a follower, and I'd love for you to follow me back:)


  11. I love these pillows! Thank you so much for sharing them and the instructions.

  12. Dropped by to say I'm featuring your cute pillows on Friday.


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