Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Book Pick of The Day: Siegfried's Silent Night

I almost didn't recommend this one because it's out of print (And probably has been for about 3 decades) but we live in the world of Amazon and Ebay, so nothing is that far out of reach.

This is a sweet story about the family Vaughn mice, set in Austria, 1818. It's supposed to be the mice who find a home in the church where "Silent Night" is composed, and it is a sweet little story. I will warn you, 3 year olds might find Uriah the Rat a little scary for their tastes. I have read this to my current 5 year old for several years in a row, and it never scared her, but also never interested her until this year. Now she wants to read it every night, repeatedly. And I am happy to oblige, because the pictures are so precious, and we get to sing "Silent Night" at the end of the book (One of my favorites!) It's been a wonderful addition to our bedtime routine, and if you ever come across it at a garage sale, I hope it becomes a wonderful addition to yours.

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