Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jane Austen Month, Day 11: Love Letter Napkins

The art of napkin folding is pretty much lost on me. I remember when I was dating my future hubby, and my Mother in Law asked me to fold napkins for a dinner at her house, and I hadn't done anything like that since I took an etiquette class at the age of ten. She ended up making something fantastic, like a dancing snowflake on each plate. 
Via Martha Stewart
As for me... well you know those paper fortune tellers we all used to play with as kids?

Well, I accidentally made something kinda cute yesterday :)

I was folding a napkin for my cute little silhouette cookie tea party, 
and it started to look like an envelope...

And I thought, "Hey, what's more Austen than a love letter?" 
And no, my napkin was not ironed.

So I tucked one inside.

And if you need the play by play, here it is. Fold a napkin into a triangle (I had to cheat because mine wasn't a square.)
And no, my tablecloth isn't ironed either. Stop judging.
fold over

fold over, 

Fold up, and place love note inside

and close the top.

Now make sure you put your cookie placecards in the right places. That could be awkward...

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  1. Hi...found you on my daughter's site today, trendy treehouse. I loved browsing through your blog....Just became a follower of yours! Would love to have you visit my blog too!

    I loved the Christmas decor also! I LOVE decorating for Christmas, I have a few post on that too!

    The love letter cloth napkins were a wonderful addition to your table...I hold family dinners for Mom and the siblings several times throughout the year....I may use this idea NEXT....
    NeeCee at

    1. Oh thanks so much! I LOVE Christmas too- I wish we could have an extra month of it. I feel like it'd be easier to get everything in if we did. :)

  2. These napkins are special. I will "pin" this idea. thanks . Linda

  3. Oh my stars how I love this Miriam! The table setting, the cookies, the napkins!? Why can't I live by you?! Amazing job! So so cute!

  4. I love this table setting! It is SO pretty! Great napkin folding idea!


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