Friday, February 10, 2012

Jane Austen Month, Day 12: Decorating with Plates

There are certain things in life that should never be moderated, like kindness, humility, and good taste.  I would also add Junior Mints, British dramas, and blue and white china to the list.  Especially blue and white china.  Collecting blue and white china has become more than a hobby for me; it's bordering on a part-time job.  But the payoff is worth it because the versatility of plates is priceless.  Just look at what plates can add . . .

to a dining room . . .


to a bedroom . . .


to the hall . . .


to the mantle . . .


 and to a portrait wall . . .

As I thought about how to embrace my "inner Austen" today, I decided to bring this trademark of English country decorating into my living room.  After selecting favorite plates from my "blue (and white) specials," I went to town on this sad little wall that has only had a mirror to its name for far too long.  (This is a picture of it at Christmastime.)

And this was the final result . . .

I got so carried away that I even put a few over the mantle, too . . .

Rather than leaving home to visit England, I feel as though a little bit of England has visited me.  All I need now is some "Downton Abbey" and a heaping helping of Junior Mints to make my day complete.

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  1. Beautiful! Um... Next time I am in Utah.... Can I come tour your home? It's gorgeous!

  2. I lurve plates on the wall - unfortunately my partner doesn't (I often tell him he has no taste lol). They look great, I have quite a few blue and white myself as I used to work in a store selling Spode.
    I think your room actually has a feel of Downton about it - classic and traditional, thanks for sharing !
    Following from

  3. Love this post...was just thinking of doing some plate decor in the dining area of my home! Thanks for some great ideas! NeeCee at

  4. When I saw the title of your post, I couldn't resist. I've been hitting the thrift shops for weeks collecting red and white plates for a wall display in our bedroom. Just finished hanging them an hour ago and took a blog break...just in time to find your wonderful photos! I love all of your walls of plates but especially the red and white ones in your dining room. Just love,love love this post...thanks for sharing!

  5. Transfer plates, Downton Abbey and Jr Mints....are you kidding me! YES PLEASE!


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