Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 7: Pride and Prejudice Printable

Oh, Super Bowl Sunday... Why do you have to take up so much of my time? I don't even watch the game because I am not a sports person. And yet, I feel the need to participate. Isn't it un-American to shun it? So instead of something fabulous, here is a printable. Luckily, the words our Jane put into Mr. Darcy's mouth make a ho-hum printable pretty fabulous in and of itself. :)

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  1. Year round blessed thing!!! I love your printable LOTS!!! Hope you've had a GREAT Monday!!! XO, Aimee Lane

  2. Oh pretty please will you share this at my party? I heart this quote, and your printable looks great! Ah, Austen...sigh.


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