Monday, October 17, 2011

Paper Wreath

I wish I were a crafty awesome blogger mommy. I do, but I am not. So to make up for my inadequacies, I will post the crafty exploits of my amazing Aunt S and Cousin S. for my birthday this weekend, they presented me with this:

And my poor, naked chocolate wall suddenly has jewelry! So if you want to make one of these yourself, you might want to look for another blog with real instructions, but here is the gist of what they told me:

You take a book, and antique the edges.

Now, you take a page and roll one end one way and the other end the other way, making an "S" shape.

And hot glue! I love hot glue. They used a green styrofoam wreath, and I added a ribbon to the back to hang it from.

I love this so much I could squeal. And I would like to make a suggestion to a certain other blog author: Maybe you hypothetically checked a book club selection out from the library that was, let's just not sugar coat it, lame. Now, if your hypothetical child hypothetically colored on a few pages with a pen, and a nasty librarian got snarky with you because she doesn't think you could possibly have not noticed a couple of small pen doodles. Now let's say she informs you that you have to shell out some huge amount of money for said lame book, hypothetically. Now this book is part of your permanent collection, and you neither want to display it (it would be a blight on your classy collection, after all,) Nor do you want to think about the amount of money you spent on it every time you look at it. THIS craft might be a good second life for that book. Hope that helps.

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