Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Book Corners

Perhaps it is because Christmas is around the corner and I have approximately no dollars in my bank account, but when I came across these little goodies, I suddenly felt a lightening in my gift-giving step.

(Family and friends, please avert your eyes or you will spoil the surprise of what I got you and everyone else I know for Christmas.)

These cute book corners are adorable, easy, and cheap---my favorite trio (next to the Three Wisemen and the chicken platter at Carrabba's).  I also love that they are "writable" space for note-taking while reading library/borrowed books.

Here is an easy tutorial from Whatever Dee Dee Wants:

And here is another version--just as cute--from Fireflies and Flutterbyes:

I am in love with these vintage lovelies from Pixels and Paperie:

Or, for the kids (or the kid in you), here is a how-to from I Could Make That:

1 comment:

  1. Love these book corners too! Miriam, you are welcome to add my printable book corners on your blog (or anything else too). I'm all for sharing! Glad you like the corners and thanks for your kind comment.

    Veronica xx


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