Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Books for Little Goblins

Before I had children, I sanctimoniously vowed that I would not lower my prim standards by reveling in pagan Halloween.  And then I had kids.  We have become that house that I always mocked---the one with the spider webs and orange lights and the door mat that makes scary sounds.  I do it for my little goblins, and they love me for it.  But I draw the line at blood, gore, zombies, scythes, and Necco wafers.  Some things just ruin the fun.  I have applied the same "no creeps" criteria to our Halloween book collection.  We like books that hint at mischief but don't go anywhere close.  For those of you on the same page as our lily-livered family, here are some Halloween favorites that you might enjoy:

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