Wednesday, May 21, 2014

From the Book of Life: Pregnancy Photos

“It is said that the present is pregnant with the future."

When my sister-in-law asked me to take her pregnancy photos, I laughed.  Inside.  Loudly.

First of all, I'm not a people photographer.  I'm not really a photographer of ANYTHING other than food (and saying that I photograph food is a stretch unless you consider putting food on a plate, telling it to sit still, and snapping photos of it "real photography"). 

Second of all, this pregnancy photo thing is new and perplexing to me.  I guess it is because in all of my five pregnancies, I never thought to "document" my body for posterity.  But then again, I'm not of the "cute-when-pregnant" variety.  I'm more of the "watch-out-she's-gonna-blow!" variety.

Case in point:  When I was pregnant with my first baby (not last, FIRST), I was playing the organ at church for the congregation. This was a true exercise of faith because I could not see my feet and had no idea which pedals I was pressing. After the final hymn, I heaved myself off of the bench and slowly began to waddle home.  A woman at church took my elbow and told me that her elderly father had been visiting with her that day, and when he saw my belly, he exclaimed: "That woman shouldn't be playing the organ! She should be taking a nap!"

He did not say, "Oh, look how cute!  She should photograph that belly!"


Instead, I inspired pity and fear in my beholder, and the best thing he could do for me was to suggest I hide under a very large blanket for a snooze.

But for all you women who ARE photograph worthy while pregnant, my hat is off to you.  My sister-in-law is certainly among your ranks.

So without further ado, here are some of the prego pix . . .

And my favorite of the bunch . . . 

If I looked like a Renaissance Madonna as my sister-in-law does, I would totally jump at the chance to immortalize the scene.

As it is, I think I'd better stay right where I am in these types of photographs . . .

Out of sight. :)


  1. Fabulous photos! She looks beautiful. You really made me laugh with your recollections of being pregnant. I was the same, not exactly photogenic. Very cute post!

  2. Beautiful pictures! You did a great job!! Loved reading about your experience. I have one as well from my FIRST pregnancy. I was working at a bank 7-8 months pregnant. A lady asked me if I was having twins. I held back tears and said no. If that weren't bad enough, she asked..... Are you sure? I did try to defend myself by saying I'm 30 some odd weeks along in the pregnancy.... She continued to go on and say, Wow, you are just really big. Thanks lady :)
    I have no pregnant pictures of myself. If I were to find one.... I'd burn it :) haha... I'm so glad some people are beautiful when they are pregnant.

  3. A pregnant woman is always beautiful. It's a baby that makes her shiny and happy. I love watching my pregnant wife in the street when she smiles and touches her belly. She looks like an angel then. When she registered at blog and started sharing her feelings being a mom, she's got hundreds of letters of other women who felt just the same. Now she's so happy that she found friends whom she can share her fears and happy moments with.

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