Tuesday, August 6, 2013

From the Book of Life: A Tea Party to Share

"Some people imagine that there can be no accommodations, no space in a cottage; but this is all a mistake. I was last month at my friend Elliott's, near Dartford. Lady Elliott wished to give a dance. 'But how can it be done?' said she; 'my dear Ferrars, do tell me how it is to be managed. There is not a room in this cottage that will hold ten couple, and where can the supper be?' I immediately saw that there could be no difficulty in it, so I said, 'My dear Lady Elliott, do not be uneasy. The dining parlour will admit eighteen couple with ease; card-tables may be placed in the drawing-room; the library may be open for tea and other refreshments; and let the supper be set out in the saloon.' Lady Elliott was delighted with the thought. We measured the dining-room, and found it would hold exactly eighteen couple, and the affair was arranged precisely after my plan. So that, in fact, you see, if people do but know how to set about it, every comfort may be as well enjoyed in a cottage as in the most spacious dwelling." 

~ Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility Chapter 36

It's my birthday this week, and I'd like to invite you all to celebrate it with me.  

If you are anywhere near the Mountain West, please feel free to stop on by for some cake.

If not, here is a "virtual" birthday party for you to attend---a birthday tea party.

Now, if you know anything about me and Miriam by now, it is that we were on the "Tea Party Committee" in heaven.  We live for a good tea party---especially a party like this one with beautiful cucumber sandwiches . . . 

and buttery cream scones . . .

And of course, there must be a scrumptious array of sweets, like these colorful pastries . . . 

or these individual chocolate silks . . . 

or these dainty lavender shortbreads (in the shape of teapots, of course :) . . .

The pictures for this party came from a little soiree that my friend and I put together for our book group.  It was a Jane Austen-inspired tea.  Everyone came in their most Regency-looking frocks and enjoyed an evening of refreshment and diversion.  

I wish you could have been there.

But at least now you have attended in spirit.

And if anyone asks . . . I'm turning 29.

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  1. What a lovely tea party! And happy birthday! Thanks so much for sharing at The Scoop!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Love your posts as always! Your tea looks amazing as do all the dressed up ladies. What fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a wonderful evening. ~ Jamie

  3. Happy Birthday! Lucky You- I can't think of a more lovely tea party to celebrate it! Your book club photo is just amazing- with the subtle lighting and authentic looking costumes I thought it was a scene from a movie on masterpiece theater -lol

  4. How very lovely, Jane would be proud!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!

  5. How beautiful (and delicious!) I love a good tea party too, and this looks wonderful!!!

  6. Fun! How absolutely elegant! I have never been to a real tea party! The goodies look amazing, what a perfect theme for your book club!

  7. This is simply beautiful. What a lovely tea party. I can just grab one of those spectacular sweets.


  8. Oh how I wish I could come! So fun. :o)

    Happy Birthday.

  9. Happy birthday. It looks simply scrumptious. I'd say you took that can do inspiration to heart and laid out a lovely tea.

  10. One of the prettiest tea parties I have ever seen! The teapot cookies look delicious! Visiting via feathered nest friday.

  11. Thanks for inviting us to your tea party. So lovely. Have a happy birthday!

  12. Happy 29th, Erika. ;-)
    This is a lovelyl tea table. It all looks so tasty and beautifully presented.

  13. Happy Birthday Erika! Your Tea Party looked gorgeous. The food looks AMAZING. Seriously, my mouth was watering. Hope you had a really great Birthday!!

  14. Erika,
    Happy Birthday, dear friend!!!
    Your Jane Austin Tea Party is exquisite!!!
    Lovely tablescape and the refreshments are truly, divine!!!
    Thank youfor sharing. . .and here's to looking forward to 30!!! (wink)
    P.S. I have made your Lemon cookies many times for my 91 year old Dad. . .and he LOVES them!!! Thank you for sharing that recipe!!!

  15. You had me at Jane Austen. Seriously, is Robert Ferrars a super-clueless schmuck or what? Happy Birthday, and many happy returns. I know some interesting women (ride the bus with several and we've become buddies over the years), but I doubt any of them would be willing to get up in Regency style clothing and have a tea party. Well, maybe if I served Rumchatta instead of tea...

  16. Oh, how truly delightful!!!!!

    Happy birthday!

    And you all look ravishingly period!

    My blog is truly mostly tea related - hope you stop by and look at the tea time older posts. I think you will feel right at home.

    Love this post, well done, m'lady!!

  17. Hello! I just ran into this blog and it is so charming! Jane Austen is my all time favorite and if I could I would most certainly join your party! LOVE it! By the way, I also ran into another blog called Hopalong Hollow Gazette by Jeri Landers. Are you familiar with it? She is an artist extraordinaire and reminds me so much of Beatirx Potter. You might enjoy her :) Thanks for the lovely post.

  18. Happy Birthday!! What a gorgeous Tea Party!! Pinning...


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