Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Poetry: An Autumn Home Tour

Autumn Offering
I shall be Autumn
this Halloween,
with leaf draped skirt,
and folds of
boysenberry velvet wine
flowing to the ground.

Brown stained face,
eyes rimmed in gold,
nails dripping sunset,
a crown of twigs
to cover my head.

You may gather from me
the spring of my youth,
my summer of maturity,
and hold onto with me,
the solace of these days
of remembering
before the frost. 

~ Judith A. Lawrence

I have no proof, but I am certain my home was born in autumn.  When autumn comes, it is like the walls take a deep breath and settle into their happiest and loveliest rhythm.  
Even my kids can tell the difference.  
Not one, but SEVERAL of my children pleaded with me this week to decorate for fall.  

(And this is coming from boys who have no qualms with wearing soiled socks on their feet or food on their face.)  

So I did.  I decked the walls and the windows and the cupboards and the counters with flourishes of fall.
But I couldn't stop there.  I decided that while I was hauling leaves and pumpkins and ribbon up from the basement, I might as well haul up the owls and spiders and skeletons, too.
Now our home is a full-fledged autumn showcase with just a hint of the haunted.
And I know it sounds a bit crazy, but when I stood back to look at the finished product, I could swear I felt the corners of the house raise a bit---like the contented smirk of a jack-o-lantern on Halloween night.  
Here is a brief tour of my Autumn/Halloween home . . .
After passing through our front door, you'll find banisters draped with harvest fruits . . .

and counters spilling over with gourds and berries.

Pumpkins fill baskets and urns in every room . . .

and some even line the wooden mantle.

Witches hold their brooms close . . .

while spiders dangle from the windows and chandeliers.

Wreaths adorn the mirrors and doors.  They may even host a creature or two.

As you leave our Halloween/Autumn home, a little owl will you wish you well, and a smiling skeleton may just give you a parting wink.

Happy fall decorating to you all!
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  1. Love it all!! that fuzzy owl is just too cute! My girls were the same way, they were happiest when cobwebs and gigantic spiders were all over the front porch!

  2. You have a beautiful home. My kids are the same way, even my daughter's who no longer live at home - they all love it when I decorate for fall. Fall is very grounding and there is nothing like coming home to an autumn home. Thanks for the tour!

  3. Your home looks beautiful all dressed up for FALL!!!! We are moving on Friday so I can't decorate..................YET!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully VERY soon! XO, Pinky

  4. Everything looks lovely with some fun touches thrown in. I know what you mean about your house in fall... I've always had the most fun decorating our house this time of the season too. Thanks for the tour!

  5. I see why your children were begging you to decorate. Lots of fun elements thrown in for them. Your FALL HOME looks lovely, thanks for the tour.

  6. Love all the blue and white. Everything is lovely. I like the whimsical touch of the skeleton under the cloche.

  7. I love it. Cute, scary, and welcoming all at the same time.

  8. Great decor. I totally understand why your kids wanted you to decorate. It's so fun and everything is spilling over with fall. Love it.

  9. Your home is so beautiful!! I love how you decorated for Fall and Halloween. What fun! Have a wonderful day! ~ Jamie

  10. Oh my goodness, your home is stunning - I love your poem, your pretty plate and your carved fireplace. Lovely balance of fall and Halloween too!

  11. Are you SURE you have enough stuff ???

    LOL seriously this place is awesome! No WONDER the kids were ready for the decor! :)

  12. Visiting from Feathered Nest Friday as you are the one just before me, sugar. I don't decorate for the seasons but I enjoy looking at the houses that do. Yours is darling! Nice to meet you, chick!

  13. You have been busy! Everything looks GREAT! I love fall decorations - the colors are just so rich and beautiful! I am sure that your children are loving the new look! Life to the full, Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  14. Great decorations. We didn't decorate for Halloween much last year and this year we want to really get into the Halloween decorating. Now after seeing all of your stuff I am ready to start!


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