Thursday, January 3, 2013

Poor Richard's Almanac: Provident Living

He that is rich need not live sparingly, 
and he that can live sparingly, need not be rich.

~ from Poor Richard's Almanac 
by Benjamin Franklin

On New Year's Day last year, I made the resolution to eat more cookies.  

I am happy to say that I did SO well on that resolution that I am now the newest member of an online weight loss program.  

(And by the way, eating cookies is a much funner resolution than having to burn them from my thighs with leg lifts and saddle squats . . .)

As Miriam and I considered our own New Year's resolutions and our theme for January, we decided to turn to that King of Quips and provident advice: Benjamin Franklin.  His Poor Richard's Almanac, published in 1732, is full of famous phrases that have continued to permeate our culture.  For example: "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."  Sound familiar?

And so we tip our tri-cornered hat to Mr. Franklin and his pithy wisdom.  

This month we want to do more on less, do better with what we have, and enjoy the provident and practical ride. 

As a kick-off to our penny-pinching month, I thought I'd share some snapshots I took while enjoying one of my favorite and least-expensive hobbies: model home snooping!  These come from a bedroom in an Ivory home model in Salt Lake City.  The best part is that this adorable room has hints of colonial America in its decor!  Yes, Ben Franklin.  This one's for you.

I would have never thought that corals and blues and greens could go so well together, but this combo is scrumptious!  (Or maybe I'm just starving.  A pox on this diet!)

I'm smitten with the nailhead trim on the velvet headboard.  What a fun shape!

And what should I see hanging on the wall in this delightful room, but two colonial prints of children's rhymes!

And even Ben Franklin himself would have to love this classic chair with the whimsical "political' addition of a "possibilitarian" pillow.

So off we go this month---from this model home back to our own homes---where Miriam and I hope we can prove ourselves to be staunch, flaming, dyed-in-the-wool . . .


Happy New Year to you all!


  1. That home is amazing!! I love the photos. I really love early american style, so this decor is right up my alley (likely not my pocketbook though). Perfectly done.

    I'm with you on the diet. It's rather depressing to eat less cookies. :(

  2. I can't wait to see more of this series! The framed children's pages and the pillow are my favorite parts of the room. I really do like those colors together as well.
    ~ Jamie

  3. I love it, Erika. When we lived in FL I used to love to go see all the models just for the ideas. It was so much fun. I love your model home here- it is just great! Perfect really- Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana

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  5. OMG this room is amazing! That headboard just blows my mind. I can't wait for you to share tomorrow!


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