Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Carols: Book Page Crown Ornaments

We three kings of Orient are
bearing gifts, we traverse afar
Field and fountain
Moor and mountain
Following yonder star

O, Star of wonder
Star of night
Star of royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to thy perfect light.

I hate it when Martha Stewart shows you how to make a cookie, and is like "You just carefully draw on each individual candy cane stripe with a pastry bag, and once you have gone to the trouble of making yourself a specialized template, this really rolls along, as you can make and bake TWO cookies at a time!" Seriously? Have you guys seen that one? It's just like when she starts talking about how you can find the ingredient she is using at "Your local Burmese market." Anybody have one of those? Yeah, me neither.

Anyways, so that is why I like to talk straight with you here on the blog. I don't want to waste your precious holiday time. Here is my latest craft frustration:

You know how sometimes you have ideas that just work out beautifully? This is not one of those moments. I made an ornament. It turned out a little bit cute. It took flippin forever to make. I was going to make 3. I will be stopping at 1.

IF you still want to make one of these puppies, here is a brief tutorial. Maybe you are a faster worker than I am, or maybe you love crowns more, so it's worth it to you. If not, stop reading, and have a Merry Christmas.

Using 19 gauge wire from the craft store, attach 5 "spokes" to one wire, about 10-12" long. The spokes should be about 6-8" long. I used pliers to attach everything. Bring your long piece together to form a circle.

Now bend the spokes into the middle to form a crown shape. run them through a cork you have drilled a small hole in, and curl the ends so they stay put. Now take strips of book pages, mod podge them on,  and once that is dry, mod podge some artificial snow or glitter on too.

And remember: I told you so.

Merry Christmas!!!


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  1. I think it looks pretty cute- even if it was a lot of work- xo Diana


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