Thursday, October 11, 2012

Edgar Allan Poe October: A Halloween Porch

"I looked upon the scene before me---upon the mere house, 
and the simple landscape features of the domain---
upon the bleak walls---
upon the vacant eye-like windows . . ."

Edgar Allan Poe, "The Fall of the House of Usher"

I admit it.

I'm a wimp.  I'm a weak-kneed, yellow-bellied, lily-livered chicken.  I don't do scary.
 I avoid haunted houses, horror movies, ghost stories, and port-a-potties at all costs.

So while other people decorate their front porches with zombies, mummies, and ghouls, I choose to go the safer route.

Today, the safer route began with this.

I found this planter in a cluttered corner of the garage where it was hiding under a bag of potting soil.  With its cracked concrete exterior and chipped foot, I considered tossing it in the garbage.  But one can of black Krylon spray paint later, and it had a new lease on life---this time as the base for a pumpkin topiary (of sorts).

When I started stacking the pumpkins on top of each other to make a normal topiary, I couldn't help but see their "snowman-like" potential.  

After painting a face and some buttons on the pumpkins, I rustled up some sticks from the backyard and gave them a spritz of spray paint before using them as the pumpkin man's arms.

One trick-or-treat bag later, and our front-porch now feels just right---festive but not frightening, with nary a zombie in sight.

The irony is that it all started in corner of the garage---the scariest place in our house . . .


  1. Cute! I love your pumpkin snowman. What a genius idea. The black paint really did bring new life to the planter. I normally paint things white to give them new life. The black is perfect!! I'll have to start using it more often. Happy fall! ~ Jamie

  2. SOOO Cute!! Loved the planter! What a great find!

  3. I don't like scary either...this is so CUTE!!!! Great idea! ;)

  4. Such a fun and cute project. Thanks so much for sharing it at our link party. Take care, Laura

  5. Will you come to decorate my house? I totally agree about Halloween too; I don't do scary either.

  6. I decorate the same way, not scary, just sweet Halloween decorations. You did a great job!

  7. I'm with you. My Halloween decor definitely skews cute vs. scary. Love how you transformed the urn with some spray paint and created that fun pumpkin snowman!

    Thanks so much for sharing at our spray paint link party!



  8. Your porch looks very inviting-cute topiary:@)

  9. Oh my gosh he's adorable! I love all your decor - so fun! Thank you so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout! Hope to see you back this week :) - Trish


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