Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Book Group Night: The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

Earlier I showed you the invitation for The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie book group, and here is what it all led up to!

The banners were super cheap and packed an easy punch.  I printed the jack snipe image (or crow as the case may be) on some computer paper, turned it upside-down, and strung some ribbon through it.

I decided to recycle the leftover pumpkins on my porch from Halloween by painting them with white craft paint.  I gave them a few coats of white and then free-handed some images in black craft paint on top (which would explain why the bird looks like it suffers from bloating and leg amputation).  The "L" is for "de Luce" because I couldn't figure out how to fit in the "de" and make it still look good.  And the fleur de lis is simply because the de Luces were French (at some point in their genealogy), and because it was easier to paint than a coat of arms.  So sue me.  After the party, I let my boys take the pumpkins to a nearby field and use them as target practice for their BB guns.  You would have thought that I had announced Christmas was coming twice this year.  Win-win situation, I say.

These little chalkboard frames were the darlings of the party; my guests couldn't quit talking about them!  If only they knew how simple they were:  white frames with a coat or two of chalkboard paint on the glass.  And tah dah!  Adorable display plaques for all your sweets and savories!

And caloo calay . . . That's our book group day!  The best decision I ever made (next to marrying my husband and quitting my gym membership) was to go with a simple and graphic color scheme because it made everything easy to coordinate---from the paper goods to the candies in the jars (which happened to be white breath mints and Ghiradelli dark chocolates).  I hope this helps get your juices flowing for your own mystery book group night!  Cheers!

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