Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall Poetry: An Autumnal Face

I have an Autumn birthday. Unfortunately, these years seem to be a little less joyous than the birthdays of the past. Why does getting older do that? I am smarter (some days), more skilled (in diaper changing), more cuddly (thanks to the pie), and prettier (If you look really hard). I found an old picture of me the other day, and I called the Hubby over and said, "No wonder you married me! I was hot!" I was tan and skinny and I had perfect highlights. But I didn't feel as beautiful then as I do now. I hadn't held my three children in that tight stomach. The muscle tone in those arms came from weights at the gym, instead of pushing strollers. And that tan? It came from laying around. Now I have the healthy glow of "I haven't showered in days because the baby is sick and any minute I get free will be spent sleeping instead."  Traditional beauty? No. Perfection? Hahahaha, no. But this is Autumnal beauty, and it beats Spring any day of the week.

Leaf graphic courtesy of The Graphics Fairy


  1. I love this. Well said. And happy Birthday!!!

  2. So inspiring!
    Happy Birthday, everyday, for such a charming personality and kindred spirit.

  3. Happy birthday, great statement. thanks for visiting my blog. Cheers Karen


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