Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beatrix Potter's Easter: A Spring Vignette and an Ode to Carrots

I have had several devastating food realizations in my life, including finding out at 8 years-old that "veal" is code for baby cow, that Caesar dressing is laced with anchovy paste, that the carrots-improve-your-eyesight-myth is just that:  a myth.  Apparently the British used the virtues of carrots as a cover-up for their state-of-the-art WWII airplane technology known as Airborne Interception Radar.  Because of the technology, British fighter planes were having wild success pinpointing enemy bombers.  When pressed to account for their improved accuracy, the Royal Air Force claimed that they had been feeding their pilots large of amounts of carrots which had a beneficial effect on their eyesight.  Well, the rumor stuck.  

It's not that carrots come to the dinner table empty-handed.  They are easy to hold, they are a cinch to peel, they make the perfect snowman nose, and they taste good, too.  And if you really can't let the eyesight thing go, you can rest assured that beta carotene in carrots has been linked to preventing cataracts.  It's not quite the same as improving eyesight, but at least it is in the vicinity.

Since I have carrots on the brain and Beatrix Potter in my heart this week, I decided to combine the two in a little Spring Vignette for the kitchen.

In a twist of literary irony, my poor little Peter lost his shoe today---not in Mr. McGregor's garden, but on my slate floor after he slipped from my butterfingers.  After repairing my long-eared friend with some superglue, I made him feel at home with an abundance of crunchy garden fare, and a miniature copy of the story that made him famous.

I realize that making carrots a focal point in my diet won't improve my eyesight.  However, I'm happy to find that carrots can still be a "sight for sore eyes" when it comes to spring decor. 

Many happy spring vignettes with carrots to you all!  Do it for Beatrix.  Do it for Peter.

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  1. That is such a beautiful vignette! I love the theme. ~ Maureen

  2. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to copy cat your vignette, you have inspired me so.

  3. I have just stumbled across this through Pinterest! I love it! Would you mind sharing where you found

  4. "Peter"? I would so love to create recreate this vignette in my home but I do t have a rabbit that even remotely looks like this one!!! Thanks in advance!!!


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