Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beatrix Potter's Easter: A Garden Entry

Then he squeezed into the larder. 
Miss Butterfly was tasting the sugar; but she flew away out of the window. 
"Tiddly, widdly, widdly, Mrs. Tittlemouse; you seem to have plenty of visitors!" 
 "And without any invitation!" said Mrs. Thomasina Tittlemouse.

I am good at a lot of stuff. Diaper changing, check. "Fake cleaning" a house in a matter of 10 minutes when you hear someone is headed over, check. Eating more than my hubby (who looks like a linebacker,) check. So you may be thinking to yourself "Gee, Miriam. You seem like a human being who is nigh unto perfect. What could you possibly improve?" Well, I will tell you: I never decorate for holidays, (Except Christmas, of course.) And it makes my hubby and kids sad. So I am working on it. 

Here is our newly outfitted Spring Entry, inspired by Beatrix Potter and her Peter Rabbit:

My favorite addition was this little bunny. 

I printed a silhouette, traced it onto scrapbook paper, and cut it out.
And placed it in a frame that held a print of Trafalgar Square, because that just didn't seem very "Spring-like"

I covered some balls in moss, because I have taken to putting moss on everything that doesn't move. 
And I added a little friend to the picnic basket.

(Also, in a super-stalker-ish move, I still have the tag on that basket which was a wedding gift from a friend like a decade ago. But she just has the coolest handwriting ever. Thanks, Alisa!)

I also spray painted some plastic eggs, and mod-podged book pages onto one of them.
(My mod podged egg did not turn out so lovely. After the fact, I read a tutorial on Dear Lillie and realized that I am a moron and if I had soaked my paper, it would have turned out much better. Oh well, next Easter...)

My second favorite additions were the floating flowers and butterflies.

I used clear thread to hang them from the ceiling and attached them to the string with hot glue.

And of course, there had to be a print of Peter Rabbit in there somewhere.

Happy Reading, and Happy Easter!

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  1. Oh this turned out wonderful! YOu did such a great job with the wall and the vignette. It is so pretty! Love your little bunnies and how you did the picture. Very sweet.

  2. Ohhh I just adore it all! Especially the bunny silhouette. Very cute!

  3. It all looks so pretty! Really love the floating butterflies!

  4. Oh, I just love this! The entire theme is one of my absolute favorites :) For not being a holiday decorator (I only do Christmas and Halloween), this is FANTASTIC--great job! I'm a new follower from the linky blog hop and, btw, you are very funny! Please stop by:

  5. That little bunny peeking out of the basket is adorable! Cute idea!

  6. Love the bunny in the basket. Cute. I think you did very well with your Easter decorations.

  7. Very bunny peeking out of the basket is adorable. It all looks wonderful.

  8. Love the silhouette bunny! very cute! -Jessica

  9. Looks beautiful, Miriam! Happy Easter!

  10. The bunny basket is just too cute! I featured it on my blog under cute bunny stuff!


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