Tuesday, August 20, 2013

From the Design Book: A Home Tour and Summer Success Story

"It's delightful when your imaginations come true, isn't it?"

~ Lucy Maud Montgomery
Anne of Green Gables Chapter 2

My kiddos went back to school today.  I would wax philosophical here about how fleeting our children's youth is and how one must savor the moments we have with them, but I'm too busy singing and skipping around my much quieter house to go into all that.  

Folks, forgive me.  It's been a long summer.    

It STARTED OUT full of ambitious imaginings.  I was going to immerse my children in the wonders of nature, read to them from 19th century classic literature, and stroll them through galleries of modern art.

Instead, we ended up watching the entire series of "Merlin" on Netflix while consuming approximately 14 boxes of corn dogs and 392 otter pops.

Oh, and we killed "Goldie," our beta fish.

It hasn't been my proudest summer.

But in spite of all failings at educating my children this summer, I was a rock star at parading through homes instead of cleaning my own.

Please indulge me as I share with you one of the FEW things I'm happy about this summer . . .

This little gem didn't look like much from the outside, but as soon as I entered the front door, I joined throngs of women gasping with delight.

 This house had the most fantastic mixture of textures, from the wood floors to the brick walls to the sleek kitchen tile.

 I couldn't get enough of this family room with its classic yet comfy vibe.

Bird prints?  I'll take 12.

MUST get those veggie prints and that coffee table!  The prints would remind my children of the virtues of vegetables, and that coffee table would hide the stains left behind when my children inevitable smear said vegetables all over the surface  . . .

Sweet little kitchen with its scrumptious little schoolhouse pendants . . .

Three cheers for the rustic barstools!

And even though I would have never thought to brick a wall in a master bedroom, I love how much more elegant the bed seems against it . . .

Ah . . . the joys of contrast!

And even though the master bath was just a closet compared to some of the expansive bathrooms in the parade, it packed a precious punch with its sparkling fixtures . . .

tiled shelves and shower insets . . .

and serene claw footed tub.

Upstairs was the sweetest little nursery in most perfect pinky peach paint I have ever seen.  Now if only I could convince one of my boys to let me paint their room this color  . . .

Crib?  LOVE.

So there you have it---a peek at one of the only things I have to show for this summer.

Here's hoping for a more productive school year.

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  1. Erika- Boy- Who would have thought that was behind that front door? I just love that sweet house! Family room to kitchen to baby's room. Maybe, if you bribed the boy with enough cash he would let you paint his room that color?? nah...not gonna happen- xo Diana

  2. It was the thought that counted with your summer intentions. Right? Love the house!

  3. Erika,
    Your home is beautiful and serene looking. I love how you decor each room. Great job.


  4. This home is a real charmer!!!! LOVE IT!!!
    Mary Alice

  5. I know exactly what you mean about all the great intentions a mom has for her kids during the summer. Mine are older now but we too enjoyed years of great summer foods and movies!! Now I love small homes that have a fabulous touch and that brick bedroom is sweeeeet!

  6. WOW! Agree with you on everything! This home sis lovely!!! Linking back from Savvy Southern Style!

  7. Dear Erika,
    That is one gorgeous, inviting home! I love the color they carried through. It is clean, warm and serene. Beautiful job. I say, three cheers for that sea glass blue!
    Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

  8. Erika - I'm feeling foolish. I just realized I know you. It's me. Heidi. We saw each other at the adjunct lunch less than 2 weeks ago, and went to grad school together, and I don't think I'll ever forget your essay on how brown is beautiful, too, not just green. :) Hi! I've loved discovering your blog over the last few months - and I still think you guys ought to do a series of printables on quotes from Madeleine L'Engle's books (not Wrinkle, that gets done all the time - all her other books instead.)
    Heidi Lawrence

  9. Wow! Your place looks amazing and clean as well! Everything is properly placed and no furniture is out of sync; such a wonderful place indeed. Although fairly easy, there are still a lot of people who neglect cleaning their furniture and interiors. This will result in losing the beauty of the insides of their house.

    Tina Mongeon @ Enviro Pure Home

  10. such a lovely home! and i sure hope all is well with you guys, since you haven't posted in a while.

    m ^..^

  11. Can you share the color of the nursery walls? Love!!

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