Sunday, January 13, 2013

Poor Richard's Almanack: Collection Love

"If you desire many things, many things seem but few."
 ~Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanack

I live in extremes.  I'm all or nothing, hot or cold, standing still or going a million miles an hour.  I don't usually see this aspect of myself as a vice---until I want to start a collection.  Just ask my ebay account.  Once a collecting bee gets in my bonnet, I let it buzz and buzz instead of just finding the nearest swatter.

Alas, this is supposed to be a month of prudence and provident living.  31 days of bee-in-bonnet swatting.  So good-bye Ebay account.  Good-bye antique boutiques.  Good-bye Home Goods.

(Cue pouting.)

Luckily, I can live vicariously through adorable houses like this one down the road with all of its fabulous "collections" . . .

Like this grouping of wire pendant lights in the entry . . .

Or these frames and mirrors in the hallway . . .

Or these punchy floral pillows on the great room couch . . .

Or these deliciously red leather bar stools in the kitchen . . .

Or this fun collection of plates on the dining room wall . . .

Or these funky floral platters in the master bedroom . . .

Or the chunky rustic furniture in every corner of the living room.

I guess you could say I've become a "collector" of collection photos.  Sigh.

It's a hard habit to break, I tell ya.

(Interior Design by Four Chairs Furniture)

What do you collect?  We'd love to hear!

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  1. Erika- I hear you - I have put a hold on buying MORE until I clear out some of what I have....I hope I have enough years left to do that!;>) I have dishes- lots and lots of sets of dishes...oh and ornaments...and fabric....and crafting supplies...and..okay I will stop there.

    Gorgeous house you featured here! xo Diana

  2. Love this house that you featured (especially those plates)! I am in the process right now of cleaning out the closet under the stairs. Yikes!


  3. Thanks so much for sharing this house tour - what a stunning home! I too love the plates on the wall.
    Lovely blog - I am a new follower :).

  4. I want that curvy couch. It's been my dream to have one someday. I collect old junk, cool stuff, memories of days gone by.

  5. You poor thing. Hope the withdrawl doesn't affect you to bad. This house is amazing . I just love the color choice in the family room and kitchen.

  6. What a beautiful home! At least you're addicted to pretty things. :)

  7. Gorgeous home! I swear, I never tire of these home tours! I love the bright kitchen and fun pops of color in the family room!

  8. I could move right into that one! Without a doubt.

  9. Holy eye candy!!! Girl this post had me at "Hello". Then I began reading and instantly started feeling your pain. But if you are a faithful yard-sailor like me, your next collection isn't far away (and much cheaper than Ebay). Happy collecting!

  10. Loved the wonderful pictures, I love that curved couch , wow what a wonderful shape..some wonderful collections...I am a new follower of yours and I will be back again to see what yopu are up to...

  11. Good luck with your swatting. That house is fab - love all the collections but still my sticky fingers would want to take just that peacock in the front entryway home. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Beautiful home . Love the pops of color!

  13. Oh, my! I'm a serial collector. Teacups, teapots, egg coddlers, vintage milk bottles, milk jugs... Unfortunately, January is a very difficult month (in France, it's the month you need to pay insurance for you+car+house!), so I keep looking for items on the Internet and I keep my fingers crossed that they won't be bought before February... 15 days and counting!

  14. i absolutely love that curved couch! lately i'm into milkglass...i very much enjoy going to thrift store to add to my collection.

  15. I absolutely LOVE this house! We are getting ready to build and I was wondering if you had access to the floor plan or if you could point me in the right direction to find it? Pretty please! Thanks so much!
    xo, Jennifer

  16. Your home is beautiful! I really like all the frames and mirrors in your hallway and the fun plate collection!

  17. I love the kitchen and the board and batten in there, in the bedroom and on the outside of the house.

    Beautiful home. Thanks for sharing.

  18. This is a gorgeous home...Love those for collecting, my NY resolution was to stop buying things I saw on someone's blog, just because I "liked" it!

  19. I'm loving everything about this house. Hang in there, and thanks for sharing the tour.

  20. Erika, just discovering your blog and really enjoying what I'm reading. Your description in the beginning is ME. Try as I may to give up this addiction, I find myself starting yet another collection. Antique chocolate molds seem to be the latest obsession. I'm working on it though. First step is knowing there is an addiction, right? ;-)

  21. Hi Erika, wow what a gorgeous home! Love the light blue with the pops of red! This post was one of the top three this week at Be Inspired. thanks so much for joining in!!

  22. What a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing.

  23. First time stopping by:)

    Beautiful home and I like all the collections! The kitchen is gorgeous and I like the way the red stools pop against the hardwood and the cabinetry. The ottoman in the living room area is so pretty and those plates on the wall are such a fun collection!


  24. That house is fabulous!!! LOVE the colors, the glamour, and the comfort all rolled into one! Thanks for sharing! Life to the full, Melissa

  25. Is there any chance you might know where that perfect couch is from?

  26. Where did you find your couch? I love it.


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