Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anne of Green Gables: Silhouette Love

I have a love affair with silhouettes. I feel like they speak so beautifully of yesteryear, and can convey so much by just an outline. My silhouettes are never the art form that you might see some people create, but I have fun making them just the same. Here's a picture of Anne that I made into a silhouette this week.

I took it into a photo editing software program (I used photoshop) and it is pretty simple from there. I selected all the areas around Anne (Using the magic lasso tool), and erased them. Then I inverted my selection and painted it black. I cleaned up her edges with the paintbrush tool and added her bag to her left arm. And then I realized that it looked a lot like a more jagged and less lovely version of  this silhouette, which is no longer for sale :( Keep an eye on her store though, because who knows if it might come available again (And everything else she makes is just lovely too).

Anyways, I thought I would let you have my silhouette in case you'd like a little Anne in your home. She is currently in my entryway, but I might move her to the girls' room. I am still trying to convert my babies to L.M. Montgomery. Much of my life seems to be a battle between wanting my girls to stay babies, and wanting them to be old enough to enjoy my favorite books. Soon I will have some Anne loving kids on my hands. After all, who could resist her?

And here's a little project that didn't turn out quite how I envisioned it, but it's going to be hanging out in my entryway for a while regardless:

I printed each word of this quote from chapter 2 of "Anne of Green Gables" onto sheets of a book that I had 2 copies of somehow? (Sorry, Mom. I probably have your copy of this book...) And then I just glued them all haphazardly together with other pages from the book. Pretty simple.

I like it, but I don't love it. I am just putting it up in the hopes that someone will take that inspiration and do something better with it :)

My husband says it looks like a ransom note. Probably doesn't help that the book I used was a murder mystery.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Thank you for the silhouette of Anne. I plan on making my granddaughter a t-shirt with a t-shirt transfer of this image on the front. Then I will hand write some quotes from Anne on the skirt I plan to make to go with the t-shirt.

  2. I think you would enjoy seeing what I did with your silhouette of Anne.http://sewmuchtogive.blogspot.com/2014/01/anne-of-green-gables-inspired-girls.html
    This blog post shows the garment that I made for my granddaughter. Of course, there is a link to your post containing your silhouette.


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