Sunday, December 18, 2011

Homemade Ornaments

Merry Flu Season! I am feeling a bit under the weather, and by 'Bit' I mean something much, much more. But I thought, hey, I am up waiting for a DVD to burn for my Christmas lesson in Church tomorrow, so why not show off my latest ornaments?

***Update- feeling so much better :) ***

My craft group knows that if I am even going to bother bringing a craft with me to craft night, nine times out of ten, I am wrapping something in Jute with Elmer's glue. I know, not too classy, skilled, or original, but the budget is tight, and I got a few rolls of jute at Target's one spot this year, so cut me a break. For this little baby, I just started at the top with elmer's, wrapped the jute around, and repeated. Then I threw a little ripped muslin on top for a bow. Not hard, done in like 5 minutes, and pretty darn cute. So if your tree is looking a little too shiny and needs an earthy element, I recommend my "Craft night special." :)

You may be noticing the foil star behind the jute ornament- It was our family night this week, and I have to say, the easiest throw- together craft project ever! We read this story: The Christmas Tree
and followed the directions at the end for making ornaments. Trust me, this makes kids SO happy, and I can almost guarantee you have spare cardboard, foil, and glue laying around.

Alright, just one more view of the ornaments along with my Muslin Scrap or "Shower Puff" ornament from last week.  I hope you are feeling better than I am :) Merry Christmas!

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  1. Those are very cute, and I love the natural look of the jute.
    Stopping by from the FT Think Pink party

  2. I LOVE jute crafts! This is a cute idea! Thanks for sharing:D

  3. Oh, I do hope you feel better. My husband is under the weather right now too. Your ornaments are so pretty, and homemade ornaments are the best. I still have some that the kids made me when they were small. Merry Christmas!
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. So cute! I'm so sorry you are not feeling well!!! Hope you are better soon! It's hard enough to get everything done at this time of year even when you're %100.... Let me know if I can do anything!!

  5. You guys are awesome! I am already feeling better than a day ago, so I know we are on the upswing :) Thanks so much for the well wishes!

  6. Oh I know how you feel...having a tea,shivering and finding new blogs like yours...lovely! Feel better,Merry Christmas!

  7. that muslin bow is a great addition!

    glad you are feeling better!!

  8. Those ornaments are totally what I'm all about...SIMPLE and DARLING! Thanks so much for linking up at Overflowing with Creativity! I'm glad we're bloggy friends!!

    Aimee from ItsOverflowing

  9. Coming over from FT. I love these, I am so making me some, thanks for sharing.


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